About Me

Talitha Morena Moniz McMillion


Talitha is a LatIndigenous storyteller and dedicated activist from the Charrúa Nation in the south of Brazil. Before attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Talitha obtained an Associate of Arts. They have worked with several social justice organizations, including Greenpeace, Charlotte Animal Activists, and an underground migrant assistance coalition for Latin American refugees. In 2019, they were part of a political delegation to Colombia organized by AfroResistance to build working-class solidarity with Afro and Indigenous Colombians. 

Currently an Assistant Correspondent for PETA, Talitha has published several articles with peta2. Talitha is expanding on their research and documentation of how the animal agriculture industry harms Indigenous lands, people, animals, and cultures. Talitha has also served as Assistant Director in various plays, including PlayMakers Repertory Company’s production of Native Gardens by Karen Zacarías. They have written and directed independent short films and won third place in the JASNA 2021 Young Filmmakers contest. Talitha participated in the Las Musas 2023 Writing Mentorship Program and was mentored by Aida Salazar. Most recently, they partipated in the Native American Media Alliance 2023 Feature Film Lab where they wrote a screenplay in 10 weeks under the mentorship of Matt Black.

Having majored in Dramatic Art and Creative Writing and minored in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Talitha is passionate about exploring the intersectionality of these subjects and how, together, they can cultivate liberation and justice.

A personal statement:

Hi! Thanks for your interest in my work. In moments of rest, when I'm not working on an abundance of projects, I enjoy playing the piano for hours, watching the trees, birds, and squirrels from my porch, or cuddling and watching movies on rainy days with my three sweet rescued dogs - Sir Spots, Mister Trooper, and Princess Brooklyn. I enjoy Sudoku, embroidery kits, and Christmas ornaments. And I welcome anyone to reach out to connect - whether about creative projects, community building, or our shared love of instruments :)