Animal Rights

Charlotte City Council Meeting

December 09, 2019

After 5 years of protesting outside of circuses, Talitha encourages the Charlotte City Council to pass a ban on wild animal acts in Charlotte, an ordinance written by attorney and community organizer Kristen Moyer. 

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Charlotte City Council Meeting

December 13, 2021

Two years later, sporting a "You Are on Native Land" beanie, Talitha once again returns alongside Kristen Moyer to encourage the council to pass the ban on wild animal acts. It finally passes.

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Talitha now works as a correspondent for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Those of ages 13-24 should join Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) and e-mail with questions about animal rights and how to get involved. We can help you with class assignments, ending dissection at your school, starting an animal rights club, and more. Those younger than 13 years old should visit PetaKids and those older than 24 years old should join PETA's Action Team. Teachers can contact TeachKind for guest speakers and help implementing humane education in their lesson plans.

If you or someone you know has come across an injured or harmed animal, please follow these steps. If local authorities are unresponsive, please call 757-622-7382 or e-mail

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